Traditional Thai massage is part of the Thai culture and closely leans to the Thai medical and spiritual tradition. Cornerstone in that tradition is the inextricable connection between body and mind. The Thai massage is aimed at keeping the energy flows in the body in balance.

To achieve this, the therapist uses a specific technique which, through pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and / or feet on the energy lines, removes the bottlenecks in the body away through well-applied kneading.

Thai massage is a combination of slow yoga movements, acupressure, reflexology and stretching. There is no oil used and the massage is provided to the patient in loose clothing on a mattress. The massage therapy brings a real sense of vitality, peace and relaxation...

Depending on the need, this type of massage can also be used as a treatment against fatigue, pains in the back, neck and muscles, etc...

The massage suitable for all ages!

Advantages of Thai massage:

* Chronical and deep tensions are neutralised
* Effective treatment of back- and neckpains, arthritis and migraine
* Toxins in the body resulting from physical and mental stress are removed
* An improved blood circulation
* Stimulates flexibility and mobility

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